Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Started

                                                                  Embrace The Face
Hello makeup beauty's! I am Bethany and i'm here to start off my career i'm currently fifteen and enjoy doing makeup and reviews. This blog will be about tips, reviews, tutorials, on anything from skin care products, makeup and makeup brands, hair styles and anything else I can help you will.
A little bit about me- I want to go to cosmetology school when I get out of high school to get my beauty license then I want to go to college for a business degree and then once i've saved up enough, go to Makeup Forever Academy in Paris! I would love to work with celebrities but also run my own salon! As most start out they start with blogs and soon i'll be getting a youtube account.
Contact Information- My email is Embracetheface@mail.com my tumblr in general (NOT FOR MAKEUP) is http://yourgunnabeok.tumblr.com/ 
I soon will have a tumblr for reviews and like I said a youtube account but for now I hope you enjoy my blog!